New Year Traditions in Armenia

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In many countries, the New Year holidays begin on the evening of December 31 and continue until the late evening of the next day – January 1. There are some New Year customs that are common in many countries, for example, traditional New Year dishes, special organized parties, fireworks, etc.

On the other hand, each country has its own unique and beautiful traditions of celebrating the New Year. If you want to know some interesting facts about how Armenians celebrate their New Year, then this article is for you. Here you will find basic information about the Armenian New Year.

Armenian New Year traditions

New Year is the most favorite event in Armenia. Since this holiday marks the beginning of a new year, people have high hopes and expectations that the New Year will be a good start to a new page in their lives.

We can say that the most important part of the New Year celebration in Armenia is a festive table.

Armenian New Year should be rich and luxurious, regardless of the income of the family. Many families who have a small income start saving money a few months earlier to be ready for the New Year shopping.

Preparation begins about a week before December 31.

Guest-host tradition in Armenia

One of the most typical Armenian traditions is the tradition of receiving guests. Usually, in other countries, people celebrate New Year one or two days and then return to normal everyday life. In Armenia, the celebration of the New Year begins on the night of December 31, and the celebration lasts a whole week. When the clock hits 12, family members congratulate each other, drink brandy, wine or champagne, and then the guest-host chain begins.

People visit each other’s houses throughout the week. There is even a special chronological order. The visit begins with the most honorable people. For example, it is the first time to visit the home of one’s parents, brothers and sisters, then godparents and godchildren, after — uncles and aunts, friends, etc. This is probably one of the most unique New Year traditions.

No one forgets about gifts! The most honorable gift, of course, will be a bottle of brandy or pomegranate wine. And, of course, children are too happy to find their long-wished gifts under the Christmas tree in the morning of January 1st.

You must remember that it is necessary to visit as many relatives and friends as possible so as not to offend anyone. Yes! Exactly! People can be offended if they consider you a close person of their family, and you do not visit their house.

Armenian New Year Table

Of course, a country that has a special tradition of receiving guests cannot do without traditional dishes for the New Year table. There are some mandatory dishes and delicacies that are symbolic for Armenian families.

Guests cannot leave the table hungry, because, as a rule, they should try everything that housewives offer, otherwise they will be deeply offended. Mistresses are pleased to hear that their dish was the most delicious among all that they have ever tried.

As we have already mentioned, there are many dishes that almost all housewives prepare for the Armenian New Year holiday.

Get acquainted with the most typical dishes that find a place on the New Year tables of Armenian families in the next article!

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