Armenian Wine Types
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Armenian Wine Types None of us can doubt the high quality and taste of the wines of our friend and neighbour Georgia. However, this does not negate the fact that we – Armenians – have succeeded in the craft of winemaking. Despite the fact that the wine business began to actively develop in Armenia relatively […]
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Where to eat in Yerevan in 2019? Cozy cafes and restaurants
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Almost all the tourists and guests who visited Armenia immediately note: the main thing that they liked and sunk into the soul in Armenia is people and local food. And this is not a surprise since the Armenians radiate genuine benevolence, a desire to help and create a comfortable environment for all their guests. Their […]
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New Year Traditions in Armenia
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In many countries, the New Year holidays begin on the evening of December 31 and continue until the late evening of the next day – January 1. There are some New Year customs that are common in many countries, for example, traditional New Year dishes, special organized parties, fireworks, etc. On the other hand, each […]
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