Armenian Wine Types

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Armenian Wine Types

None of us can doubt the high quality and taste of the wines of our friend and neighbour Georgia. However, this does not negate the fact that we – Armenians – have succeeded in the craft of winemaking. Despite the fact that the wine business began to actively develop in Armenia relatively recently, and given the presence of a wine leader in the region, Armenian wine brands are quite recognizable.

In Armenia, wine-making began 6000 years ago, however, during the Soviet era, it was decided that Georgia would be the main exporter of wine, and Armenia would export brandy. In the same way, if Georgia starts exporting brandy, it would be as difficult for the country as in the case of wine in Armenia.

Wine tourism is at the development stage, and Armenian wine is already recognized outside the region. This is what motivated the locals to periodically organize wine festivals and events in Yerevan and other cities of Armenia. This is an excellent opportunity for tourists to get acquainted with the wine-making culture of Armenia.

Wine Festival in Armenia 2019

That is why every year a wine festival is organized in Yerevan. During these days, the main streets of the city are transformed into a banquet court, where locals and guests gather. Here, literally, everyone can try the best Armenian-made wines. The festival is dedicated to wine, but the holiday does not end at one wine: different types of cheeses, meats, kebabs and dried fruits are served with wine during the festival. This day is the best opportunity for tourists to join the atmosphere of the city and feel its spirit to the full. Wine Festival in Armenia in 2019 will be held from May 3 to 4 on Saryan Street.

Many tourists have a desire not only to try Armenian wines but also to see the wine production process with their own eyes.

Of course, you can’t but taste wine in local wineries. Since Armenian wines are presented abroad, many have the interest to come and look at the wine-making process. Today it is easier than ever because local tour operators offer Wine tours to Armenia.

Let’s get acquainted with the ten best wines of Armenia, which you can try, as well as take home with you.

Armenian Wine Types

1. Armenian Quince Wine

A radiant white sweet wine with the aroma of ripe quince, which is perfect for meat dishes, poultry, as well as dessert and fruit.


2. Armenian plum wine

Red plum wine has an intense but balanced taste of ripe plums with subtle nuances of plum stones. This wine perfectly suits with a cheese platter, meat dishes, as well as desserts with some sourness.


3. Armenian semi-sweet pomegranate wine

Semi-sweet pomegranate wine charms true connoisseurs with its sweet and tart pomegranate taste. Exquisite subtlety of wine – a long nut and cherry aftertaste, where notes of tobacco are noticed. The wine is perfectly combined with fried juicy meat and cold snacks. Perfect for cheese dishes and snacks.


4. Armenian blackberry wine

The favourite is also Armenian wine from blackberry. A sweet wine with a sweet and sour tart taste and rich red colour, hints of wild berries is perfect for grilled food, meat with spicy or citrus sauces.

Armenian blackberry wine

5. Armenian Cherry Wine

Another queen of Armenian wines is a semi-sweet cherry wine. Its thick red colour, giving a purple, rich in notes of vanilla and cinnamon. The wine has a lingering aftertaste with waves of almond flavours. This wine is usually served with hard cheeses, fruit and sweet desserts.

Armenian Cherry Wine6. Raspberry wine

In the list of the tasty Armenian wines make sure to try pink wine. One of the bright representatives of the Armenian wine – raspberry wine. For making this wine all the well ripen berries are chosen. It is a delightful velvety wine bottle with sweet red berries, perfect for a romantic meeting and it is also a great addition to chocolate desserts.

armenian rasberry wine

7. Dry Armenian wine “Areni” with some notes of wood

One of the most famous Armenian wine, which I like, is also a granite – dried wine “Areni”. Wine is made from single-wheat grape vinegar. The uniqueness of the wine is that it is kept at least for three years, and necessarily in the stocks made out of oak. As a result, the wine has a smooth taste.

Dry Armenian wine Areni
8. Red Armenian wine “Getashen”

If you plan to sit at the Caucasian or Asian table, then the famous Armenian dessert wine “Getashen”, which resembles Cahors is suitable for you. Velvety taste, combined with notes of fruit and mountain herbs give the wine tartness in the aftertaste and perfectly complement the Caucasian and Asian bright dishes.

Red Armenian wine Getashen
9. Armenian semi-sweet wine “Muscat”

Semi-sweet wine “Muscat” is considered to be one of the best wines of Armenian production. Light golden wine has a refreshing taste, which has citrus notes and expressive aroma of Muscat. This wine is an excellent aperitif, but can also be served with fruit, fruit desserts and vegetable snacks.

 Armenian semi-sweet wine “Muscat”
10. Armenian Fruit wine

Armenian white fruit wine “Echmiadzin” has an exquisite taste. This semi-sweet drink is made from Voskehat grapes. In the taste of the famous wine bright aromas of light fruit and berries. The unique highlight of the wine is a bitter aftertaste after the main semi-sweet wave. Wine perfectly complements the dishes of redfish, poultry, will be organically combined with cheese snacks and fruit platter.

Аrmenian Fruit wine



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