February 2019

Where to eat in Yerevan in 2019? Cozy cafes and restaurants

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Almost all the tourists and guests who visited Armenia immediately note: the main thing that they liked and sunk into the soul in Armenia is people and local food. And this is not a surprise since the Armenians radiate genuine benevolence, a desire to help and create a comfortable environment for all their guests. Their main desire is to make the guest feel at home. And what will Armenian home look like without homemade delicious and national food prepared with love?

We invite you to inform about the best restaurants and cafes in Yerevan in 2019, where you will experience both the unforgettable taste of dishes and the inimitable Armenian colours.

Tsirani Garden Restaurant 

Traditional Armenian family restaurant in the shade of apricot trees

ресторан на природе армения
© Tsirani Garden-Restaurant

This amazing place is considered to be one of the most comfortable and pleasant places in Armenia, where you can eat deliciously in the arms of nature. The restaurant is located in the apricot garden, that is why it is called Tsirani, which means apricot in Armenian. A piece of paradise that is available to everyone who wants to try Armenian cuisine in an indescribable atmosphere. The restaurant also has a playground for children. The restaurant menu can be found here. Tourists are advised to visit this restaurant with family or a large group of friends. Despite the fact that the restaurant is located outside the city, it is not difficult to reach it by car or by taxi in 20 minutes.

Address: Kotayk, Arinj Community, Marshal Babajanyan Quarter, 3/1 Building

Tsirani Home-Restaurant

Restaurant in the style of the Armenian noble house

армянский ресторан ереван
© Tsirani Home-Restaurant

Another unique and interesting restaurant for tourists is Tsirani Home-Restaurant. If the previous restaurant combined Armenian cuisine with Armenian nature, here you can enjoy national dishes in an atmosphere that reminds you of an Armenian home.

Address: Northern Avenue, 5th house, Yerevan

Abovyan 12 / Cafe Restaurant

Cafe-restaurant in a cozy garden

уютный кафе в Ереване
© Abovyan 12

Cafe Restaurant is one of the most colourful places in Yerevan. The cafe-restaurant is located in the charming garden of the old house, where lovely music nights are organized under the vines with the participation of talented and famous musicians. While waiting for your order, you will have the opportunity not only to walk through the magnificent garden but also to visit the Dalan Art Gallery. And right at the entrance to the cafe, there is a small souvenir shop where you can buy a gift for yourself or for your relatives in memory of Armenia.

Address: Abovyan 1, Yerevan


Restaurant with an open kitchen near the central square

открытая кухня в Ереване
© Sherep

The restaurant was the first to demonstrate its large open kitchen, thanks to which visitors and customers can follow the cooking process of the ordered dish, becoming closer to the culinary art. From the main dishes, we recommend choosing ghapama or lamb. If you wish, you can also follow the process of baking lavash in the mold.

Address: 1 Amiryan, Yerevan


Your saviour in the early morning. Breakfast in the streets of Yerevan

завтрак в Ереване
© Lavash

If you do not know where to have breakfast in Yerevan, so that the menu has something other than standard sandwiches and scrambled eggs, then you should visit the Lavash restaurant. Here you can eat your breakfast in Armenian way. Served brtuch (Armenian wraps), for example – honey with walnuts in lavash bread, very tasty with black coffee), balls of cottage cheese with slices of dried fruits. Standard scrambled eggs can be replaced with the omelette with basturma. The restaurant is open from 8:30 am, which is extremely convenient for both tourists and busy local people who just need a quick snack early in the morning.

Address: Tumanyan 21, Yerevan

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